A new look and feel to “Dying Breath”

The BSers took some time at the Lair last night to finish up some of the recording we needed to get done on the new songs. There’s still a little bit to get down, but we’re close.  The one song that really stood out last night was “Dying Breath,” a love song JR wrote for his muse. It’s been on the set lists for about 10 months, but we always play it with electrified instruments–telecasters and gold top Les Pauls and pedal steel guitar and big drums and big bass. Last night, based on a wise suggestion by drummer/recording engineer Brian Barber, the fellers recorded it “old-school”: We used one microphone, played all acoustic instruments (Nathan on dobro, JR and Bart on acoustic, and Kevin on bass, Brian on….”egg”), and recorded everything as one track. It’s raw, but it’s pretty, too, if I go ahead and say so myself…..We are working on the final touches to the other six of our new originals, but we’ll have this one out for you to hear very, very soon. Thanks! We appreciate ya!

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