Another Fine Evening at Bedlam!

Greetings, BSers!
Buddy South’s show at Bedlam Bar B Que Saturday night was another fun event. Despite the 90+degree temps, the patio out back was comfortable, due to the shade of those purdy weeping willows. We managed to video several of our songs, too, which we’ll be linking to this and the Facebook site very shortly. I tell you what, we just love Bedlam! Tried the ribs for the first time and man, they get it! Real good barbecue! Real good people, too. The place is a real oasis! Expect the band to be showing up there on several occasions this fall in addition to the summer bookings!

Next show is right on the horizon, and we are right daggone stoked about it. Buddy South plays our first show a week from Wednesday, July 6th at Toby Keith’s Hollywood Corners down in Norman. It’s one of their Bike Nights, so we expect quite a large crowd of folks who’ve never encountered Cowtown Rock or the BS experience. We go on about 8ish. We hear they have the best fried catfish and a great selection of good home-grown beers, so you have no excuse to miss this show! See y’all there, and ALWAYS remember: We appreciate ya!

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